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Steak Model

Our first featured creator is none other than @SteakModel aka Leah Reynolds, the Meat Queen of NYC. When she's not eating medium rare ribeyes or grilling on an open flame, you can find her strutting her stuff down the catwalk. She likes her heels high and her beef dry-aged and on the bone. We love following Leah because  she’s a #BossBabe taking the typically male dominated steak scene by storm! Follow along here to drool over her soft smiles and some of the best cuts in the city. (Vegans, beware.) 

Steak Model Q&A

Question 1: I know you love a dry aged steak.... so what's the deal with "aging?" Does it make a difference?

Dry aging is the process of taking large cuts of beef and aging them in a climate controlled room. Beef can be aged anywhere from weeks to months! During that time the beef with change in flavor and texture. This happens because the enzymes in the meat will start to break it down. The meat will become more tender and the flavor can take on a nutty, almost cheese like taste. I’ve had meat aged anywhere from 28 to 170 days! It makes a hell of a difference! I always say once you go dry age you never go back ;) 

Question 2: Where should I go for steak in NYC on a:

Girls Night -
Date Night -
Standard Grill
Client Dinner -
The Grill
Birthday Dinner -
Dinner When Parents Are in Town - Striphouse or Wolfgang's

Question 3: Where does your love for all things meat come from? 

My love for meat comes from my family, more specifically my dad. I was raised in Chicago which is a meat and potato’s kind of town. My dad has always been a big griller so meat for dinner was my normal. I then lived in the great state of Texas- which I would say amplified my need for great meat. It was like my BBQ awakening! 

Question 4: What's your favorite cut? Least favorite? 

My favorite cut is a cote de boeuf (which is basically a fancy bone in ribeye) and my least favorite is a filet mignon. 

Question 5: If you weren't a steak model, what non-meat food would you choose?  

My non steak food would be... that’s the hardest question! I don’t think there is anything comparable to my love for meat- I’ve loved a lot of different foods in life. I go through phases for sure. From kale to oatmeal to salt and vinegar chips. I can tell you I had a deep love for roasted carrots. That was probably the weirdest, haha!

Question 6: What's next for Steak Model

What’s not next! I’d love to grow Steak Model to world domination. I’ve always had a deep love for food TV. It would be my ultimate goal to have my own show on Food Network. Or a series on Netflix! I want to be as recognizable as Bobby Flay or Ina Garten!